Self-Assessment Tool

Test Your Communications Performance with the Worldcom Communications Self-Assessment Tool

Worldcom experts have identified 10 areas that are important to effective communications.

The tool provides a very quick way to:

  • Check if you are focusing on all areas that matter to your organisation
  • Identify if you could be doing better in some of the areas
  • Enable you to make a commitment to improvement in key areas
  • Check if you are meeting your improvement targets
  • Check how well your communications strategy is explicitly tied to your business strategy

Just pick the option from each question below that best matches your current situation.

If you think the topic in the question is not part of your communications activity – eg Social Media – tick ‘Not applicable’.

Questions for pdf results
Our communication methods and objectives are recorded in a strategy and chosen to underpin our wider business objectives.
The delivery of detailed marketing and communications activities is controlled by a tactical plan that is derived from a strategic plan. This ensures that marketing and communications actions work in sync.
We recognise that compelling and differentiated content is critical to success. We create content based on messages that bring the value of what we do to life rather than explaining what we do.
The company has integrated its demand-generation and awareness-building in a single integrated and planned activity.
Responsibility for our company image and reputation has been allocated and actions are implemented and monitored in line with pre-agreed aims to ensure that a cohesive image is communicated to stakeholders.
Employee engagement is seen as a strategic activity for the organisation. Responsibility for our employee engagement activities has been allocated and it is actively pursued on the basis of a strategic plan. The implementation is carefully monitored and evaluated.
Responsibility for media relations has been allocated. A plan is carefully and regularly maintained to allow a proactive and creative approach that is capable of establishing high awareness and thought-leadership.
Social media is seen as part of an integrated approach and not a separate activity. A clear plan is in place as part of a wider communications strategy with clear objectives and desired outcomes.
We are prepared for all eventualities and the relevant staff are familiar with the clear action plans, roles and procedures we have in place.
We carefully monitor our communications, both in terms of quality and impact, and the data is used to drive continuous improvement.

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